Cerita Perubahan

Cerita Perubahan

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It has been five months since I stayed at home because of the corona virus. No one knows when the pandemic is over. We through this live day by day. Wake up in the morning, take bath, eat, sleep and  every day we do the same thing. Does it make boring? Yes, it is definitely bored.

Since pandemic my life is distracted. I try to kill my self (but it never works haha I am afraid if God hates me), get away from my house, make myself crestfallen, and always ask my parents about why I should be born.

Everything that is on my mind is I don’t deserve to live. Yes I don’t.

Afterward, I found the flayer of GOP which is looking for a new members.

Finally, After joined several class . I learned a lot of things that I  haven’t found before. I find who I am and my true indedity. I learn how to be a good leader, how  to respect each other, how to survive in tough situation, etc.

Then, I realized that God loves me. I  understand what God is doing for me by his own way. It makes me feel incredibly valuable. I am trying to love, forgive myself and to fix my mind. GOP has changed my life. My emotional, my attitude, And my point of view towards my life.